Ceramic Crown Moldings

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'Classic' Tile
Three-piece 'Classic' Tile
'Classic' Tile

Dr. Raymond Puzio is the creator and owner of Architectural Ceramic
Crown Moldings
TM.  Puzio is a third-generation Italian-American who's
earlier ancestors worked with marble and stone.  He spent his youth
helping his father, who was a home-builder.  But when he wasn't helping
his father, he could often be found in the basement of their home creating
anything he could imagine or build with his hands.  

Although a doctor by profession, Puzio's passion for art and talent for
creating things from hand has always kept him close to his roots -
designing, building and creating.  In the mid-80's, Puzio purchased a
100 year-old 'Arts and Crafts-style' home in historic Wallingford,
Pennsylvania.  The transformation of his property began when he
converted a garage at the rear of the property into a two-story
cottage-style office where he practices optometry.  Replacing the
overgrowth of shrubbery that hid the view of the house, a stone wall was
later erected to surround the property. And most recently, Puzio designed
and helped build a two-story, three-car garage that houses a studio
apartment upstairs and a stunning wine cellar in the basement.  This
structure is connected to the basement of the main house via an
underground tunnel.

Ironically, when not seeing patients these days, Puzio can still be found in
his basement creating.  An experienced potter, Puzio has a pottery studio
in his basement where he makes bowls, vases, teapots, and a variety of
other beautiful items from clay, including
The Puzzle PeopleTM. It is also
where Puzio made his first ceramic crown molding.

When searching for outstanding architectural design elements to enhance
his home, Puzio found the available products to be ordinary, trendy and of
poor quality.  So he decided to make the product he wanted.  Thus the
birth of Architectural Ceramic Crown Moldings - a product of unrivaled
design and quality craftsmanship that is reminiscent of the distinctive and
historical designs of our earliest ancestors.  

A collector of antiques, Puzio's home reflects his love for art and
architecture.  The crown molding which he originally designed and
installed in his home is now called the 'Classic' tile.  It is a unique
combination of three separate tiles that soften the perpendicular lines of
wall and ceiling, therefore adding height to the room and giving the
ceiling the effect of being arched or domed.  The ceramic tiles warm a
room with an embracement of texture and color that other moldings
cannot achieve. Puzio's line of crown moldings now include an extensive
variety of styles, designs and applications that are in high demand among
his Main Line clients.  


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Raymond Puzio in the underground tunnel